Company Profile

  • Certified by AFQA system (ISO 9001:2015), Sync Power Corp was established in early 2004 and is currently located in the Nankang Software Park (NKSP), Taipei, Taiwan.

    The company specializes and holds intellectual properties in the areas of Analog Power Management ICs and Discrete Power Devices, for applications in Switching Mode Power Supplies, Power Adaptors, Battery Operated Portable Systems and other power systems.

    Synchronous Rectifier (SR) control is one of the core technologies Sync Power holds, and our series of SR Control ICs are considered to be the leading products in the industry. Sync Power also holds IPs and special technologies in other Power Management ICs, including green mode PWM/QR, and DC/DC PWM controllers.

    Sync Power also offers discrete power devices, our core expertise including TVS ESD protection devices and high density, low Rdson Power MOSFETs.

    Sync Power's TVS ESD protection devices in their tiny, super compact packages are used as surge protection in such products as portable electronic systems, mobile phones, GPS, and LCD TV. Sync Power is the leading TVS ESD array manufacturer in Taiwan and Asia.

    Sync Power's Power MOSFET utilizes a high density trench process, which gives our Power MOSFET very low Rdson and low gate capacitance.

    By offer small and efficient power products, Sync Power contributes to the world wide effort of "going green", and our product are SGS qualified and meets ROHS specifications.

    Sync POWER is your Green Synchronous Partner.

    Company Profile