• Leading the trend of energy conservation revolution, Sync Power was established in the "Nankang IC Design Incubation Center" in 2004. As a power management IC design house, Sync Power is dedicated to design and market cutting edge ICs to effectively increase the power conversion efficiency in AC/DC power supply.

    Period Milestones
    2004/01 Founded in Nan Kang Software Park with initial capital investment of NT$35 million.
    2004/08 Trench Power MOSFET launched.
    2004/12 SP6003 flyback SR controller introduced (First SR IC designed by Taiwan company).
    2005/08 SP6002 forward SR controller launched.
    2005/10 TVS ESD product line launched.
    2007/04 Step up LED driver IC launched.
    2007/06 12V SR controller introduced to the market.
    2008/04 Low Capacitance(2pf)TVS ESD Protection Array for HDMI/USB launched.
    2011/06 ISO9001 -2008 certified.
    2012/06 12V SP6019 With Dynamic Protection SR IC introduced to the market.
    2013/06 SR MOSFET developed.
    2013/12 12V low standby SP6018E SR IC and 500V HV startup IC launched.
    2014/03 Multi Mode PWM IC developed.
    2014/12 SP6019C SR IC in DFN package for DC/DC module launched.
    2015/06 IPO on June 5.
    2015/08 Listed on Emerging Stock Board on August 3.
    2016/01 6 pin SR IC launched.


    Sync Power's business philosophy is to continuously develop advanced and highly efficient solutions for the power supply industry.

    • Comprehensive Services: Broadroad multidisciplinary and specialized of IC design, component development teams enables us to deliver diverse design solutions for customers.
    • Sophisticated Technology: continuously pursuing innovative technologies; solving customer's problem in product design by experienced field application engineers.
    • Customer Satisfaction: establish long-term partnership with customers.
    • Quality-Oriented: do it right at the first time with constant improvement.


    • Ensure the best interest for the shareholders and the sustainable business growth for the Company.
    • Pursue the excellence of customer satisfaction and continuous innovation of technology.
    • Continue the research and development of high efficient and advanced products for AC/DC power supply industry.
    • Provide customers with the best and total solution for the power supply design.